Urgent: Coordinators Needed!

Posted by Anna Beck on Feb 25 2021 at 04:44PM PST

Hi Dolphins,

Dorset has had a long tradition of having a neighborhood swim team. Due to COVID, last year’s season was cancelled. The county has indicated that this year’s season will not be cancelled and the Dorset Dolphins can once again rule the summer pool meets! Unfortunately we don’t have swim team coordinators to manage the team through the summer season at this time. Thus, we are at risk of cancelling this year’s swim season for the Dorset Dolphins.

Is anyone willing and capable of leading the swim team coordination this year? In the past there were 2 main coordinators and a larger committee that helps with select areas (refreshments, sponsors, coaching liaison, etc.).

Please reach out to me directly if you’re willing to take on the coordinator role this year. We already have some committee volunteers to cover various areas but need 1-2 people to lead the team management to be successful.

Anna Beck


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